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Massage in eastern culture is woven into the fabric from life to death,
the oldest & simplest form of medical care. Not only by means of
pampering but to maintain health, to recover from a time of illness or
after birth of a child. Traditional Chinese culture books dating back to
2,500 B.C advocate massage of the skin & flesh, breathing, hands
& feet exercise to stay in good health.


Massage helps maintain health & homoeostasis

  • aches & pains
  • mobility of the joints and surrounding tissue
  • shortens the time needed to recover from injury
  • helps to break down scar tissue & blockages
  • lymphatic drainage - the removal of unwanted fluid, toxins, old hormones & chemicals from the body
  • reduces stress and emotional tension which can effect other systems in the body
  • improves blood & oxygen flow in the body
  • supports the immune system which can be suppressed by stress.
  • Research has verified that regular massage decreases the effects of stress, depression and pain e.g.

Some condtions helped by massage

Migraine & headaches, tennis & golfers elbow, frozen shoulder, stiff neck & shoulders, lower back aches planter fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, P.M.Ts. & hormone imbalance.

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It makes sense to keep your tissues soft, your joints flexible and your digestive system strong, as your health is your most important asset. Poor health could bring enormous change in both lifestyle and the dreams you have. So lifestyle is the new doctor. Just the same as we anticipate change in our professional life, we can do the same with health & well being, good diet, regular meals, exercise & deep breathing, which keeps the stress in life in the right place so we are able to cultivate sound sleep for our body to repair it's self.

Oil of choice
For massage I use sesame or coconut oil, massage wax & Chinese muscle oil. Lavender & jasmine are the only fragrant oils I use.

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All information is confidential. I would like to know your prime reason for coming to see me e.g. aches & pains, or you simply want a massage.

Medical History
this helps me to understand you & your body. Previous operations, current medications, injuries, allergies, blood pressure, sleep patterns, etc can all influence your treatment. I may ask a few lifestyle questions. I may ask if I can look at your tongue & feel your pulse. I then suggest how I can help, with a bespoke approach to meet your specific needs. At the end of the treatment I will ask how you feel, are you happy with your treatment? If so I may then suggest a follow up treatment. This will depend on your energy or how your body feels. Necessary advice will be given to help you maintain a balance in your life and hopefully I would see you again in the future. I will stay within my professional limit. If I am unable to help you I will discuss with you the possibility of referring you to another practitioner. Working together with other health professionals in the fields of nutrition, hypnotherapy, homeopathy acupuncture & herbs, sonic sounds, cranial osteopathy/osteopathy
helps me to help you.

All treatments duration 1 hour £40.00 Indian Head Massage 3/4 hour £25.00

Treatment duration is usually 60 minutes. The clients modesty is honoured at all times. Please feel free to ask questions.